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With decades of experience in vehicles maintenance and tyre supply, we are willing to share the best of our expertise for a no-stress life!

In order to maintain the reliability and safety of your car, it is essential to check your car regularly. But it is also important to maintain all types of vehicles, from your car to your camper van. From tyre pressure to brakes maintenance, Point S will give you all the practical tips from our experts to take care of your vehicle.


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Point S Tyre FAQs: Uneven Tyre Wear


Q: Why do my tyres have uneven wear? A: There are 2 main reasons behind uneven tyre wear:   1) Tyre pressure too high/low – parts of tread not in contact with the ground, causing the contact area be worn much quicker than usual. 2) Poor Wheel Alignment – may cause one side of the tread wear more than the other.   Maintenance Tips: 1. Check air pressure of all tyres (including spare tyre) every month. Allow tyres to cool down before c...

Point S Tyre FAQs: Wheel Alignment

Car Service

Q: How do you know when a wheel alignment is needed for your car? First, here are the 3 main function of a wheel alignment:   1. Making sure the tyres have a good traction surface to maintain handling and grip performance. 2. Allow the steering wheel to be centralised and car driving in a straight line for safety and comfort. 3. Reduce fuel consumption and wear of suspension and other car parts, also avoid abnormal wear of tyres.   Generally, we...

Point S Tyre FAQs: Tyre Repair


Q: When is a tyre unrepairable? A: There are a lot of situations that a tyre is unrepairable, mostly due to safety reasons, including:   1. Sidewall damage. The thin sidewall protects the tyre carcass, even after a repair, it is easy to be damaged again. 2. Shoulder damage. The shoulder is where the tyre uses to cool down, it expands and contracts as temperature changes, therefore the damage size also varies, so it cannot be repaired. 3. Damaged or deformed bead. ...

Point S Tyre FAQs: Sidewall Damage


Q: Why can’t the tyre sidewall be repaired? A damage to the sidewall cannot be repaired, including sidewall studs, scratches, or cord layer damage. Tyres have cords running around the tyre tread, the part in contact with the road. But on the sidewalls, those cords do not exist. Therefore, plugs cannot fill the hole at all, the patch will not hold and will continue to leak. It is recommended that you replace it immediately!

Point S Tyre FAQs: Tyre Check


Q : Why is it important to check our tyres?   Tyre are the only contact points between your vehicle and the road. Apart from carrying the weight of the vehicle, it is also the key part in driving, turning, and stopping. Therefore, having a habit of checking the tyres regularly (every 2-4 weeks) is crucial for safer rides.   Q : How to check and what to check for ?   Uneven tread wear : Uneven wear usually caused by over-inflation or improp...

Point S Tyre FAQs: Tyre Rotation


Q: How often should I rotate my tyres? A: Under normal circumstances, we recommend drivers to rotate their tyres once every 10,000km, to spread tyre wear evenly across all tyres, maximising their tread life and safety.   Q: What tyre rotation pattern should I use? A: First of all, tyre rotation can only be executed when all 4 tyres are the same size. Asymmetric tyres can only rotate their tyres from front to rear, vice versa (on the same side). Dif...

Road accident prevention: Point S and road safety

Car Service

At Point S, we take care of your vehicle all year round. The care we take in our services is above all to ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition for you to use on the roads. Nevertheless, a healthy vehicle is not enough to protect you, and, in this article, we would like to remind you of some essential points of road safety.   A special context In 2020, the incidence rate on the roads has dropped drastically, largely due to the ubiquitous virus that has frozen ...

How to prepare your vehicle for an MOT?

Car Service

MOT tests are source of anxiety for many drivers. Process complexity, increasing demands and difficulty in understanding, in this article we will seek to help you prepare your vehicle for the roadworthiness test.   Which items are covered by an MOT? During an MOT, every angle of your vehicle will be inspected, but we can identify 8 points of interest that will form the basis of the check carried out in the workshop: Engine, whose oil and coolant levels will be che...

Car first aid-kit: what are the car essentials?

Car Service

When you take your car for a drive, it is important to be ready for any occasion. Even if this is not what we would like, unexpected event happen like accidents or breakdowns and it is better to always be prepared in case and to take full control of the situation. To do so, here is a list of 7 essential items you should always keep in the emergency kit of your car.    A complete first-aid kit: What should be in a first aid-kit? Bandages, sterile gauze, small pair of ...

The wear of your tyres: how to recognise it’s abnormal?


Your tyres are the only component that keeps your car connected to the road while driving. They ensure your safety by gripping the road and also by avoiding excessive braking distances. That is the reason why it is necessary to inspect their condition on a regular basis. But as many other drivers, you might be wondering “How to check tyre wear?”. To help you, here is some tips for you to know more on wear of your tyres and to recognise if the wear is abnormal.   ...

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