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Point S Tyre FAQs: Wheel Alignment


Q: How do you know when a wheel alignment is needed for your car?

First, here are the 3 main function of a wheel alignment:
1. Making sure the tyres have a good traction surface to maintain handling and grip performance.
2. Allow the steering wheel to be centralised and car driving in a straight line for safety and comfort.
3. Reduce fuel consumption and wear of suspension and other car parts, also avoid abnormal wear of tyres.
Generally, we recommend our customers to check their wheel alignment if the following situations occur:
1. After replacing new tyres or after an accident
2. Uneven tread wear
3. The steering wheel is too heavy or vibrates while driving.
4. Vehicle driving towards the left or right side while steering wheel is centralised.
Maintenance Tip : Wheel Alignment should be checked every 6 months or 10,000km.
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