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With decades of experience in vehicles maintenance and tyre supply, we are willing to share the best of our expertise for a no-stress life!

In order to maintain the reliability and safety of your car, it is essential to check your car regularly. But it is also important to maintain all types of vehicles, from your car to your camper van. From tyre pressure to brakes maintenance, Point S will give you all the practical tips from our experts to take care of your vehicle.


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11 car checks before leaving on vacation!


Every holiday period  involves trips, longs drives and lots of planning. Wherever you are going, you need to take some precautions before taking the road. Here are some tips to drive safely and start your trip with no issues!   1 – Check and clean your windscreen wipers They are essential in case of heavy rain or to remove dirt. There are different signs that show your windscreen wipers should be changed: if it has difficulty sliding, rubbing noises or strange ...

How to reduce my fuel consumption?


Have you heard about the increase of fuel prices? You sure have. Point S helps you in providing you some elements to reduce your fuel invoice: the impact of your tyres, traffic jam, weather, speed, traffic conditions, driving style… You will have all the keys to manage by your own your fuel consumption.   What are the impact of my tyres on fuel consumption? Did you know that tyres can account for up to 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption? You need to choose ...

Tyre pressure: How important is the tyre pressure of a car?


Tyre Pressure Car tyre pressure is the amount of air in the tyre to ensure that it wears normally, evenly and maintains the best grip on the road. ⁣ Usually calculated in PSI, which is pounds per square inch.⁣ ⁣ Nowadays, many cars provide a tyre pressure chart to show the recommended/correct tyre pressure for the car. ⁣     Under-inflation, Over-inflation⁣ risks If the tyre is under-inflated, it causes quick and uneven tyrewear. In more extreme c...

Point S Tyre FAQs: Install position for new tyres


Q: If I only need 2 new tyres, should I install them as my front tyres or rear tyres of my car? A: For safety, we recommend you to install the new tyres in the rear as it ensures sufficient grip to prevent unintentional drifting from oversteering or emergency braking, especially on rainy days or wet surfaces.   In rainy days, worn tyres have a lower grip performance and it is safer to have more grip on the rear tyres as it is easier to handle and control the veh...

Sanitizing the car: how to do it well?

Car Service

Today, talking about sanitizing the interior of the car, becomes even more important because it is one of the methods of preventing the transmission of viruses and bacteria that are fundamental for the safety of people. In the next few lines, we will see how and why it is important to carry out this operation taking advantage of car maintenance activities in winter.   WHY CLEAN THE CAR CABIN?   Car interior sanitation is not a new concept born in conjunction wi...

Point S Tyre FAQs: Centre wear on tyres


Q: Why do I have centre wear on my tyre? A: Tyre tread wear in the centre of the tread pattern means that the tyre pressure is too high. Over-inflated tyre makes the middle section of the tyre tread bulge, causing early wear in long term. Also, using narrow rims with wide tyres may also cause the centre wear on tyres.   Q: What is the impact of over-inflation? A: Over-inflation can cause the contact patch to shrink and the centre of the tyre to carry the ...

Wheel alignment : our guide by Point S experts

Car Service

Many drivers underestimate the impact of wheel alignment can make to the driving experience. In this guide, our aim is to show you the importance of perfect geometry on your car and the consequences of its absence. What is wheel alignment? Text: Wheel alignment is the study of adjusting the design angles of a car running gear. Many confuse or associate the notions of geometry and parallelism, wrongly. Indeed, parallelism is only one component of wheel alignment. Thus, the geometr...

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