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Tyre maintenance for minivans, campervans, vans and utility vehicles


Whether you are using your vehicle for professional or private use, the safety of your van has to remain your priority. At Point S, we offer tyre services for your van, campervan or even utility vehicle tyres : replacement, alignment, balancing or pressure checking. We also maintain your vehicle with a full range of services such as brake maintenance, oil change and exhaust maintenance.


Choose tyres for vans: euro, P or LT metrics

When you select your replacement tyre for a light truck application, you should rely on our experts' advices. It is important to match your technical requirements with the appearance you want. The construction of your tyres must take the weight and the intended use into account. For these very specific types of vehicles, it is recommended to fit one of these three systems on today's light trucks: euro-metric, P-metric, and LT-metric.

Originally, euro-metric and P-metric tyre sizes have been designed for cars and station wagons. They have also been used on light truck vehicles like vans, pickups and SUVs, which are mainly used to carry passengers instead of goods. These 2 systems also offer some technical interests such as noise reduction, lower rolling resistance, fuel saving, and a lighter weight to improve driving comfort. LT-metric tyres are tougher and therefore can handle some heavy loads in extreme conditions. They are also built to receive a higher air pressure, enabling an increased tyre's load capacity.


Tyre maintenance for utility vehicles

If you own a professional vehicle equipped with light-truck tyres, you cannot afford to lose any business opportunity because of a defective element on your vehicle. You need the best mileage and durability adapted to your workload in order to help your business growing. Therefore, always keep your vehicle in a good shape and especially your tyres as they are one of the most important elements of your vehicle which you should only entrust to experts.


Tyre maintenance for vans

At Point S, our experts will always offer you tyres that meet your needs. Vans and light commercial vehicles require tough and heavy-duty tyres, able to withstand the elements and meet specific commercial requirements.

We are always keeping our team up-to-date and aware of the latest technologies in order to offer you the best advice and suggest you the best products at the best price, always adapted to your vehicle and to the way you use it. 

Do not hesitate to make an appointment in your Point S centre.

No stress with PointS
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    Point S promises to always respect your schedule. If your tyres aren’t installed within 1 hour, the service is free of charge.*

    *The 1 hour tyre installation guarantee only applies for customers with confirmed reservations.

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    Point S promises to always offer you reasonable prices for your tyres and vehicle maintenance. A price without nasty surprises is guaranteed.

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    At Point S, the high quality of service is guaranteed in our whole network, competitively priced. We strive to offer the best price-quality ratio service to all our customers. 

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